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Whitepaper – Cloud Computing Use Cases

Saturday, August 1st, 2009

Via Twitter i got news from Reuven Cohen about a interesting whitepaper. He also mentioned it in his blog.
ElasticVapor :: Life in the Cloud: IBM’s Crowd-Sourced Cloud Computing Use Cases White Paper Published: “‘The goal of this white paper is to highlight the capabilities and requirements that need to be standardized in a cloud environment to ensure interoperability, ease of integration and portability. It must be possible to implement all of the use cases described in this paper without using closed, proprietary technologies. Cloud computing must evolve as an open environment, minimizing vendor lock-in and increasing customer choice.’”

Thanks to Reuven who linked this document to Scribd.

Cloud Computing Use Cases Whitepaper

If you want to get more information or take part in discussion and conversation join google group cloud-computing-use-case. I look forward to the response and feedback from the community to that whitepaper excited. My personal feedback could be followed at mentioned google group.