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The Dasein Cloud API – (another) promising approach?

Monday, August 17th, 2009

Today i found a promising news article about another Cloud API (The Dasein Cloud API – O’Reilly Broadcast). I became aware of this article because Georg Reese is behind this project. He wrote the excellent book Cloud Application Architectures – I can highly recommend it. The Dasein Cloud API is supported by enStratus, a company founded by Georg Reese. The Dasein Cloud API project site is hosted at sourceforge.

What’s about the Dasein Coud API?

Dasein Cloud provides a cloud-independent interface in Java for accessing cloud resources. If you are writing an application to manage your cloud infrastructure, you write the calls against the Dasein Cloud API without having to learn the specifics of the web services calls from different providers like Amazon Web Services and Rackspace. Cloud providers can then provide cloud-specific implementations of the API that simply plug in to your application without any need for changing your code. The model is very much like JDBC.

This approach sounds very intersting, but is from my point of view on the providers and players of cloud computing services. Georg mantoined that also in his article.

enStratus has made available its Amazon Web Services implementation both as a reference implementation and a working system for Dasein Cloud + AWS. enStratus will be releasing implementations for other providers, and hopefully providers will begin providing their own implementations.

I think about the motivation for providers to contribute to the Dasein Cloud API. Is it not likely that a provider focus on its own API sets first? I think only with a large distribution and from a certain awareness, a provider will be motivated to provide his own implementations. I’m excited about the Dasein Cloud API future progress and which providers would provide their own implementations.

It’s clear that a common standard for a independent Cloud API in general would have a positive impact for all players in Cloud Computing…

The following independent “Cloud API approaches” I have researched so far amongst others for my Master Thesis:

What are other promising projects of this kind?