Hack things better with sugru

I waited some weeks for my personal sugru I ordered here. I’ve been very excited to getting started with sugru and to “hack” my first things.

What is sugru? The appropriate wikipedia article defines sugru as follows:

“Sugru is the brand name for a patented, multi-purpose, non-slumping variant of silicone that resembles modeling clay. It is available in four colors (black, blue, orange and green), is malleable when removed from its airtight and moisture-proof packaging, retains its plasticity for thirty minutes, is self-adhesive (to many metals, glass, ceramic, plastics), and self-cures at room temperature after approximately 24 hours. After curing, Sugru retains a ‘soft touch’ or slightly flexible, grippy surface and is waterproof, dishwasher-safe, temperature-stable between -60 and 180 degrees C, as well as electrically and thermally insulating. The product has a shelf life of six months.”

Inspired by sugru users I repaired some cable breaks yet.

Further I repaired easily the cover of my UMTS USB stick.

Might possible that you already heard or read about it or perhaps you went to the Design Museum in London where there is a small exhibition of everyday objects, which are “hacked” with sugru.

Here are some impressions about this exhibition I did document with some pictures.

The imaginations of the user are almost not limited. Further interesting “hacks” will be certainly in the future by the sugru community.

Hack things better with sugru

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