What The Hell Is Cloud Computing?

A classic: IT’s “enfant terrible” – Larry Ellison explain Cloud Computing in his irresistible nature (found on youtube):

If you ask yourself, is Larry Ellison really anti-cloud computing? This good post by William Hurley gives you a possible answer:

… Larry’s comments about cloud computing remind me of the times he bashed virtualisation back in the day. Everyone spread similar rumours then, and the transition from hatin’ to embracin’ looked almost identical.

In other words, Larry didn’t have an informed opinion the first time he was asked about virtualisation. Once he did, his story quickly changed from disparaging virtualisation to announcing Oracle VM, and eventually acquiring companies like Virtual Iron. So far my sources say the alleged cloud computing reversal is the same situation…

What The Hell Is Cloud Computing?

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2 Responses to “What The Hell Is Cloud Computing?”

  1. Markus Klems says:

    Larry Ellison makes a few good points.

    #1 The IT industry is fashion-driven. Absolutely.

    No one wants to miss the next big thing because the costs of not being up-to-date largely outnumber the costs of sinking some money into an IT fashion fad. At least this is the case for the big IT elephants.

    #2 Legacy systems matter. Absolutely.

    Never change a running system. And btw, mainframes have advantages over distributed systems (lower management costs, better energy efficiency, etc.). Organizations who have bought into legacy computing systems won’t just dump them. The Cloud will not replace all existing systems but rather enable opportunities for new business models.

  2. abraham says:

    Agree – you definitely brought it to the point Markus!

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