The Anatomy Of The Twitter Attack

Found another quite interesting article on TechCrunch about “The Anatomy Of The Twitter Attack”
The Anatomy Of The Twitter Attack

A short quote of author’s conclusion:

What’s the takeaway from all this? Cloud services are convenient and cheap, and can help a company grow more quickly. But security infrastructure is still nascent. And while any single service can be fairly secure, the important thing is that the ecosystem most certainly is not. Combine the fact that so much personal information about individuals is so easily findable on the web with the reality that most people have merged their work and personal identities and you’ve got the seed of a problem. A single Gmail account falls, and soon the security integrity of an entire startup crumbles. So for a start, reset those passwords and don’t use the same passwords for different services. Don’t use password recovery questions that can easily be answered with a simple web search (an easy solution is to answer those questions falsely). And just in general be paranoid about data security. You may be happy you were.

I totally agree with that point of view. From my experience most users (private and business) use weak same passwords for different services.

For choosing and creating good and strong passwords follow this guide.

The Anatomy Of The Twitter Attack

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