New Mechanism to Clean your Mobile Device

Recently, my friend Markus and I developed a prototype and filed a utility patent for a cleaning mechanism for mobile devices. The mechanism is integrated into the box that is used to carry the device, such as a belt pouch.


Both protect and clean your mobile device
We came up with the idea when we noticed that touchscreen devices, such as digital cameras, iPhone, etc. become dirty quickly due to grease spots and finger prints on the touchscreen surface. Currently available bags and boxes only have limited support for cleaning mechanisms, e.g. a bag with microfiber lining. Such bags suffer from lack of stability and robustness of the outer shell and do not protect the device from physical damage. Therefore, our cleaning mechanism is targeted at boxes, such as belt pouches, which can be equipped with a hard shell that protects the device.


If you are interested in learning more about our patented mechanism or would like to get in touch to purchase a prototypical belt pouch, just drop us a line.

Publication number: DE202009002049 (U1)

New Mechanism to Clean your Mobile Device

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2 Responses to “New Mechanism to Clean your Mobile Device”

  1. marvin says:

    great idea.
    but to me it seems some grease on the screen of my iphone is necessary as a lubricant making it easier to use the sliding input gestures that the iphone uses a lot. right after cleaning my screen i find it hard to use those gestures. maybe combine your pouch with a screen protector film that makes it more slippery.

  2. abraham says:

    We worked hard during last months to refine our idea, and we came up with a new prototype and a new utility patent. We will wait for the official release of the utility patent by the german patent office to post the latest news on that project here.

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