– yet another Url Shortener built with Google App Engine

Since Twitter and other microblogging services became so pupular, url shortener (e.g.,,, etc.) are experiencing an other renaissance and are very popular again.

To build your own URL shortener within minutes you only need:

wmshorty is an Url Shortener for Google App Engine. You only have to follow the fews steps described on the project site, to set up wmshorty with Google App Engine. I used my own domain within Google Apps as described here. You have to configure your own domain within Google Apps. There is no other possibility to do that – for me a, at that point, disadvantage of Google App Engine – the PaaS of Google. Maybe in the future there will be other ways to configure own domains within Google App Engine…

If you are using WordPress you might be interested in this related article “ — shorten your links“. This article is about WordPress own url shortener “”. I will use my own url shortener , built like desrcibed above to get some performance results within Google App Engine which results (if these are meaningful) will be used in my Master Thesis research. – yet another Url Shortener built with Google App Engine

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