Google Insight Search – Cloud, Grid, DC, Virt

Today I tested and played around with Google “Insight for Search” and the following terms:

  • Cloud Computing
  • Grid Computing
  • Distributed Computing
  • Virtualization

The next screenshot shows my query configuration:
google insight search query

I selected all categories because google will list those for you automaticly (in my case, the categories were: Computers & Electronics, Reference, Local, Entertainment, Society, Internet)

The interest over time is displayed in following graph:

A nice feature at this point is the “Forecast”-function. You can select it and the baseline in the graph will end in the future.

Furthermore for the search term Cloud Computing is listed and separated into top searches:

and were listed and separated into rising search:

The “Regional interest” and the complete Web Search Interest is available under

Interesting are also the results of “Regional interest” – here India is with all search terms in the top two. USA is only on fifth position with search terms “Cloud Computing” and “Virtualiszation” (Germany is even never in the top ten – that also shows a bit the interest?).

I think this search query in Google Insight Search showed, that Cloud Computing is much more discussed than Grid Computing has ever been. Virtualization is still a main topic in IT and will be so for the next years from my point of view.

Google Insight Search – Cloud, Grid, DC, Virt


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