OpenNebula – An Open Source ToolKit for building Clouds

Today i read an interesting post, provided by Ignacio M. Llorente – “Innovations in OpenNebula 1.4“. He wrote about OpenNebula. Here is a cutout of the original post:

OpenNebula is an open-source toolkit for building Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud infrastructures based on Xen, KVM and VMware virtualization platforms.OpenNebula v1.4 is available in beta release, incorporating bleeding edge technologies and innovations in many areas of virtual infrastructure management and Cloud Computing.

While previous versions concentrated on functionality for Private and Hybrid Cloud computing, this new version incorporates a new service to expose Cloud interfaces to Private or Hybrid Cloud deployments, so providing partners or external users with access to the private infrastructure, for example to sell  overcapacity. The new version brings a new framework to easily develop Cloud interfaces, and implements as example a subset of the Amazon EC2 Query API. The OpenNebula EC2 Query is a web service that enables users to launch and manage virtual machines in an OpenNebula installation through the Amazon EC2 Query Interface. In this way, besides the Openebula CLI or the new libvirt interface, users can use any EC2 Query tool or utility to access your Private Cloud….

I heard about OpenNebula the first time on the OCCI Mailing list a few days ago. For me OpenNebula is quite interesting because i am involved in that topic within my work at our company, Volz Innovation GmbH and moreover in my research activities during my Master Thesis at the MWRG department at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. In the last months i have been detailed got in touch with Eucalyptus System, a quite nice framework to build also your own private and hybrid cloud.

From my point of view support for VMware is a “must-to-have” feature, because a lot of virtualized IT-infrastructures out there are build up with VMwware solutions. That’s the reason i am very excited about the new functions described by Ignacio M. Llorente and his team at the project site.

I will take a detailed look on OpenNebula beta v1.4. within the next days and weeks. I will post and document my experience and estimation for OpenNebula in a following article in my blog.

OpenNebula – An Open Source ToolKit for building Clouds

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