Motodev Studio for Android

This weekend i tried Motodev Studio for Android after i read in the news that Motorolla launched his beta version of this Development KIT. More background information (especially about App Accelerator Program)  can be found on the Motorola Website in the developer section.

Motodev Studio is based on Eclipse, the famous IDE, and if you know how Eclipse work you will not need much of time to get in touch with Motodev Studio. If you got already the Android SDK installed, you have only to change the Android preferences under “MOTODEV Studio – prefernces – Android prefernces” to get the IDE work with your Android project.

Android preferences

I will discuss my experience and future benefits of this development kit of motorola with my partners (Markus and Dominik) from our ear-project, where we offer an cool Android application since mid of february. It is quite interesting for us to release our application also for motorola mobile devices which run Android as platform. From my point of view, if you plan to provide your Android application on Motorola devices, you have to grapple with Motodev Studio because special features of Motorola devices will be considered within this IDE (and you have to think about Motorolas App Accelerator Program) . A nice feature of Motodev Studio is from my point of view the possibility to create virtual test labs. I want to get in touch with that feature within the next weeks and i will try Motodev Studio more detailed – especially with the GPS features of Motorola devices, which is important for future releases of our ear application.

Motodev Studio for Android

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  1. abraham says:

    Update: I reported my issues to the community board yesterday,
    here is an answer to that from Eric (Sr. Product Manager MOTODEV Studio for Android)

    “The multiple requests for user name and password are from a permissions problem on our update server. We’ve reproduced it and we’re working with our web team to get that resolved. It should be working for Android this morning (Monday, US time), but if you are using MOTODEV Studio for Java ME, you may still experience some problems.

    Please let us know if any other issues occur. Some of the workarounds we used were to 1)temporarily disable the MOTODEV update site using the Software Updates dial; or 2) Cancel the first dialog, which just has username/password. You will get a second dialog, but it will look different. Enter your MOTODEV credentials in this second dialog. There is not a MOTODEV Studio update for Android yet, so either way is safe.

    FWIW, MOTODEV Studio is Ganymede SR2. If there are any plugin dependencies on later packages, you may need to manually update.”

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